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DENAS Australia

Intended purpose of use of DENAS-family devices:

To treat pain associated with surgery, trauma, musculoskeletal problems, bursitis or dental problems. They are also used in physical therapy and during labour/delivery.

DENAS & DiaDENS medical devices - Noninvasive Pain Relief Innovation

A family of apparatuses DENAS is based on the use of biological feedback for each individual. The DENAS is unique in its action for physical therapy and was designed on the basis of many years of experience of Oriental medicine and research conducted by Russian scientists, as part of a medical program of the Centre for Aerospace Flights. It is intended to provide drug-free pain relief.

Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulator (DENAS)

is a handheld dynamic TENS medical device for both personal and therapist use. It is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), Aust I 169570.

Dynamic Electro Neuro Stimulation (DENS)

is a new method of electro neuro stimulation penetrating through skin (TENS).

Each of the models of the DENS instruments, DENAS or DiaDENS, produce delicate properly balanced signals via biofeedback that help to invoke your own immune system to address the troubled area in your body. Your brain and immune system, in turn, produce the necessary energy and chemicals to naturally address the problem and promptly start a pain relieving process. The only thing you will feel is a slight pins-and-needles sensation caused by the DENS device and your pain diminishing. In short, properly using a DENS device may bring you wonderful pain relief.

Best Sellers

  • "Hi I got my Denas last week and have beeen treating my achilles tendonist I am so happy I have suffered with chronic pain for over 12 months and have struggled to walk but after just 1 week I had my first pain free weekend at work I am a sales manager and on my feet all day and have had so much pain in my ankle and the last 3 days have been just wonderful I am contiueing using my Denas and llok forward to futher improvements thank you so much! I am over the moon with the results!"

    Doug B. - Caloundra West, Sunshine Coast
  • "I have had some wonderful reports from treatments so I would like to know if I can order more! I know I was somewhat skeptical with all the claims that it touted, but after having used it on one of my critical clients, it made a very huge difference in just one application. With that one person I was sold!! "

    Dr. Heidi C., USA
  • "I've had two nights without waking up screaming in pain, still can’t believe it. "

    Tony H., Bankstown, NSW