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  • What is DENAS?

    DENAS (abbreviated form) stands for a dynamic dual-range electric neuroadaptive stimulator:

    • dual-range - the device operates in two modes individually: dosed and constant;

    • electric - the device generates electric impulses penetrating the skin within 1mm;

    • neuro - the device affects the organism with neuro-like impulses (impulses similar to our own nervous system impulses);

    • adaptive stimulator

  • What is Denas and DiaDENS?

    • High-performance therapeutic devices for pain management

    • Very few contraindications (see below)

    • Biological feedback for each individual

    • Essential economy of your family budget

  • When and who has designed apparatus DENAS?

    At the end of 1970s, in the USSR, a team of scientists and engineers designed, as part of a medical program of the Center of Aerospace Flights, the new unique apparatus of controlling of the internal environment of the human body called Self-Controlled Electric Neuroadaptive Regulator (SCENAR). The apparatus was tested in subdivisions of Russian military and industrial complex. Afterward SCENAR (SCENAR - 032 - PROTON) has formed the basis of the DENAS (dynamic dual-range electric neuroadaptive stimulator). DENAS was designed as a result of clinical trials and pilot tests in clinics of Moscow and Yekaterinburg. This apparatus was designed for wide application in both hospitals and at home by persons which don’t have the medical education.

  • What is common and difference between DENAS devices and SCENAR?

    The ancestor of DENAS devices is the apparatus SCENAR - 032 - PROTON, that was invented by Karasev. It was the primary product of Corporation DENAS MS until year 2000. The devices Denas and DiaDENS were created on basis of apparatus SCENAR - 032 - PROTON and therefore impulses of apparatuses don’t have fundamental differences. The main principle of operation and efficiency of treatment are similar.

    Data & Specifications
    Height of the impulse first phase, B 45 30
    Height of the impulse second phase, B 400 360
    Duration of the impulse first phase, mcs 5…250 10…150
    Recurrence rate of impulses, Hz (DM- dosed mode, CM - constant mode) DM-64+12
    Method of visual control of the release generating capacity Rate of the LED
    glow intensity
    LED ruler
    Power supply, B 1.5 1.5
    Time of continuous work without recharge, h not less 4 4
    Weight, kg not more 0.2 0.3
    Form and position of in-built electrodes Linear transverse Linear longitudinal with functional curving
    Review regimes of corporeal latent trigger zones Available:
    DM, CM
    DM, CM
    Therapeutic remote coaxial electrode (TRCE) Non-available Available
    Manner of connecting TRCE Non-available contact

    The main achievement of Corporation DENAS MS was the development of a range of devices that are very simple to use. DENAS and DiaDENS devices can be used not only by medical doctors, but also by persons without medical education. Corporation Denas MS creates effective and simple in use devices at affordable prices.

  • Do you have certifications?

    The DENAS devices are certificated by the Russian Ministry of Health both for home application by non-specialists, and for clinical application by specialists with special medical training (Certificate of Registration of the Ministry of Health #29/23 020 701/2051/01 dated December 6, 2001). The apparatus also has the international certificate: mdc medical device certification GmbH Kriegerstraße 6 70191 Stuttgart, Germany for DENAS and DiaDENS devices Please see Certificates section of our website for current certification details.
    DENAS family of devices is included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) ARTG Number: 169570. Intended Purpose of Use: To treat pain associated with surgery, trauma, musculoskeletal problems, bursitis or dental problems. It is also used in physical therapy and during labour/delivery.
    We have all necessary licenses and certifications for all models of apparatus. Please see our Certificates page.

    All certificates have been received for other countries like Kazakhstan, Latvia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and others. Our devices entered the Australian and European market not so long ago having got all required documents and obtained the recognition of Germany clinics in Munich and Berlin.

    Federal Service for public health and social development has granted "DENAS MS" Corporation the Registration certificate № FC-2005/004 for "Dynamic electric stimulation" method on the 4-th of March, 2005.

  • What kind of impulse is exactly in these devices?

    The patient is treated with a short-impulse bipolar electric current. The carrier frequency in the IDR regime is 10 Hz, and in the PR regime - 77 Hz.
    The impulse amplitude is not less than 50V. The power source for DENAS is a AA battery of 1.5 +0.3V. DiaDENS-PCM runs on 2 AA batteries, and DiaDENA-T/DT run on one 9V battery. The current parameters continuously change (signal form, a series of impulses with a pause) reaching a definite individual limit. This is accompanied by a change in a complex skin impedance under the inter-electrode space on the skin causing a change in the parameters of the applied signal by way of biofeedback. The impulse changes individually, penetrating 1mm through the outer skin layer.

  • What are the advantages of DENAS therapy?

    DENAS and DiaDENS devices have very few contraindications (see item 9 below). The pulse parameters change individually depending on organism reaction at this moment according to the bio-feedback. Therefore, the risk of the body becoming accustomed to the therapeutic signal is reduced.
    DENAS devices don’t require hypodermic penetration and skin surface remains uninjured. The device is independent of technical service team or external power sources.

  • What is efficiency of DENS-therapy?

    DENS therapy is very efficient in providing pain relief as both emergency medical aid and supporting therapy for chronic pain syndromes. The efficiency of DENAS-therapy apparatuses has been proven by many years' experience of use in Russia, adjacent states and other countries. The efficiency depends on the length of time the condition has been present, the operator's experience in using the device, and the environment in which the patient resides.


    The following contraindications exist to using a DENAS apparatus by persons without medical education:

      — individual intolerance to the electric current;
      — implanted cardiostimulator;
      — first trimester of pregnancy
      — in case of chronic or acute dieases consult your doctor;
      — condition of acute psychic excitement, alcoholic or drug intoxication.
      * In these cases it is recommended to use the electrostimulator only after consulting your doctor.

    When the apparatus is being used by persons with special medical training, all the contraindications are subject to assessment by that person.


    These devices include features which distinguish them from any other apparatus currently available:

    1. User-selectable signal profile to best resemble the shape of the body's nerve pulse.
    2. By the removal of any base constant component of the pulse signal, combined with the varied use of multi-batched pulses (in dosed and constant modes), the risk of the body becoming accustomed to (and therefore ignore) the therapeutic signal is eliminated.
    3. Signals of high-amplitude yet low-frequency and low voltage enable nerve excitement to all classes of the body's nerve fibres without causing damage.
    4. Penetration of the pulse into the corneal layer of the skin to a maximum depth of one mm.
    5. Capturing and processing of biological feedback, or "bio-feedback" of skin impedance. The apparatus itself locates the effective zones for treatment that it requires.
    6. The emitted pulses simulate natural electrical pulses of the body and are quickly received as if they originated in the body itself.
    7. For each patient, the apparatus transmits batches of signals which have been specifically selected as ideal for that individual.
    8. The bio-feedback feature allows for a speedy delivery of pain relief.
    9. The stimulating pulse complements the regulating influences of the body's immune mechanisms.
    10. The possibility of achieving success with a broad range of pain symptoms. (The results may vary from person to person, and method of use.)
    11. The use of these apparatuses is indicated for treatment of acute pain syndromes and for rendering emergency aid.
    12. Achievement of the desired effect during or immediately after treatment in many acute cases.
    13. Very few contraindications for use of the apparatus.
    14. The device is extremely portable, independent of the need for technicians or external power sources, and very simple to use.
    15. No special medical education is required for effective use of the apparatus.
    16. Pain relief may be achieved without any other methods of treatment, though any other therapies used will generally not conflict with those offered by this device.
    17. Offers the optimal combination of cost and efficiency of treatment.


    DENAS devices generate an impulse, which resemble the shape of the body's nerve pulse (form, frequency). The emitted pulses simulate natural pulses of the body.

  • Can I combine DENAS-THERAPY with other treatment methods?

    DENS-therapy is one of the modern methods of pain relief and is applied in many areas of medicine as both a monotherapy and part of complex treatment. The use of the appliance can also be combined with non-pharmacological methods of treatment such as: massage, homeopathy, mud bath, physiotherapy, etc.

  • I am not a doctor. Can I use your device?

    No special medical education is required for effective use of the apparatus.
    The DENAS devices are certificated by the Russian Ministry of Health both for home application by non-specialists, and for clinical application by specialists with special medical training.
    The device is very simple to use. All processes of treatment are automatic.
    We will be pleased to answer all your questions and guide you to become familiar with the device operation. We are working with our clients constantly: consultations, sales, training and technical support.

  • What is the difference between DENAS, DiaDENS-T, DiaDENS-DT, and DiaDENS-PCM?

    The principle of apparatuses and treatment methods by DENAS and DiaDENS are the same. Some of them have extra therapeutic and diagnostic abilities, what make them more effective, result is quicker.
    DENAS is the base model:

    • it has only two therapeutic frequencies (10 and 77 Hz)
    • it doesn’t have the socket for connecting remote electrodes (you need extra “stand/cradle" for electrodes). Sometimes this is a drawback.

    DiaDENS-T has much broader range of capabilities in comparison with DENAS:
    • wide selection of therapeutic frequencies (10,20,60,77,140,200 hertz) ;
    • comfortable individual digital tuning of signal intensity;
    • microcomputer automated screening program;
    • sockets for connection of remote electrodes with apparatus body;
    • other technical improvements.

    DiaDENS-PCM has the same functions as DiaDENS-T and extra:
    • new "infraslow" frequencies of 1.0 to 9.9 Hz (with the minimal step 0.1 Hz);
    • new modulated frequencies 77.10 and 77.AM

  • What is DENS-glasses?

    DENS-glasses - additional eyes electrode for any device of dynamic electric neuro stimulation (Denas or DiaDENS). Denas-glasses may be used in cases of:

    • Eye fatigue after intense reading, writing, working on the computer, watching TV etc.

  • What is DENS-applicator?

    DENS-applicator - additional zonal electrode for any device of dynamic electric neuro stimulation (Denas or DiaDENS). DENS-applicator may be used when you have:

    • pain or discomfort in the back or neck area;
    • pain or discomfort in muscles of lower or upper extremities;
    • joint pain

  • What is the shipping cost?

    The delivery cost for one device is $15-$20 within Australia; for other countries it is $35. The cost includes insurance to the full value. Express Post is also available and can be arranged if needed. Express Post doesn’t provide full insurance, so should be used at own risk. Having said that, we had never lost an item in the Post. It is cost effective to buy a few items together, we always combine postage.

  • What is delivery time?

    The delivery time in Australia is about 3-5 business days; for other countries it is about 10 business days. The order is posted within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment.

  • How can I pay for my order?

    We accept all major credit cards via PayPal, as well as direct deposit according to the invoice. The invoice will be sent to you after your order is complete.

  • Do you have any discounts for clients?

    There are discounts:

    • if you order more than one identical device
    • during special offers