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Hi I got my Denas last week and have beeen treating my achilles tendonist I am so happy I have suffered with chronic pain for over 12 months and have struggled to walk but after just 1 week I had my first pain free weekend at work I am a sales manager and on my feet all day and have had so much pain in my ankle and the last 3 days have been just wonderful I am contiueing using my Denas and llok forward to futher improvements thank you so much! I am over the moon with the results!

Doug B. - Caloundra West, Sunshine Coast

I have had some wonderful reports from treatments so I would like to know if I can order more! I know I was somewhat skeptical with all the claims that it touted, but after having used it on one of my critical clients, it made a very huge difference in just one application. With that one person I was sold!!

Dr. Heidi C., USA

I've had two nights without waking up screaming in pain, still can’t believe it.

Tony H., Bankstown, NSW

I have also treated my ex-wife's mouth ulcer with success... it apparently took all the pain away.

John G., Teneriffe, QLD

Well we have been using the machine now for a few weeks. Bob actually sprained knee ligaments on the boat and he used the machine for about a week and it helped a lot with the pain. It's fine now.

Lesley W., Adelaide, SA

Everyone in the house wants to use it now and Mardi's arm is getting better immediately. Fantastic device - even Mardi is not complaining of how much I spent… thank you so much… I have told all my friends so see if we can get you some more sales. Cheers

Simon S., Lindfield, NSW

I have been very happy with the Denas, it is great to have it in our home.

Lanai C, Loganholme, QLD

Female 55 years old. I sprained my ankle a few months ago whilst bushwalking. By the time I drove home my ankle was swollen very badly and i could hardly stand on my leg anymore. During the next few hours I put the DiaDends PCM on and around my ankle on direct projection, quite high . I would have done this 4 times. I couldn't stand on my foot at all anymore by the end of the evening. I thought I was going to be on crutches for the next week or so and not be able to work. I took a painkiller at night and elevated my leg. Put the PCM on it once more late in the evening. The next day to my surprise the pain was almost gone and I could walk and stand on my leg and I was back at work massaging.

Gura Degenaar - Mindarie, Perth, WA

Female 55 years old. 6 Months ago I had a very sore tooth. I put the DiaDens PCM over my cheeks on direct projection, as high as I could handle it. I did this several times. It got worSe, then it got a bit better. next day I put the device on again, it got a bit better, then it got worse. I couldn't work anymore, it was so sore. So I raced to the dentist. They couldn't fit me in, too busy. This is on friday. They told me to come back on tuesday. The pain was very bad, so I bought painkillers, put on the PCM again before I went to bed and to my surprise the pain was all gone the next day. I waited till monday and then I cancelled the dentist. The pain has never come back.

Gura Degenaar - Mindarie, Perth, WA

Male 55 years old. This man was a truckdriver, he rang me on sunday morning. he haD a very bad knee. he had worked in the garden on saturday doing heavy labouring work. On saturday night he turned over in bed and he heard a cracking noise coming from his knee whilst turning over. He uses this leg to hoist himself up in the truck, so he puts a lot of pressure on the leg. He came 3 times that day for a half hour session each time. I used the PCM on direct projection for 10 min around the knee, then 77 Hz for 10 min. just around the knee, then 10Hz for 10 min, around the knee. The next day he had to go to work and he had no trouble using that leg to hoist himself up in the truck. Amazing!

Gura Degenaar - Mindarie, Perth, WA

Male 40 years old. Complained of toes on the right foot, felt a burning sensation underneath the toes. For 10 min put PCM device on 77 HZ under the toes. Burning sensation was gone.

Gura Degenaar - Mindarie, Perth, WA

Lady 43 years old. Inflamed tendon or heelspur on left foot. Put PCM all around the foot, 10 min. on direct projection, 10 min. on 77Hz, 10 min. on 10Hz. Felt much better. Came back a week later, did the same again, and she was fine. I also adviced her to buy the orthoheel to support her arches, so the combination with the PCM and the orthoheel support did the trick for her.

Gura Degenaar - Mindarie, Perth, WA

Lady 46 years old. Very sore right shoulder and arm. Couldn't lift her arm up to her head anymore. Scan revealed inflammation in shoulder. PCM device on direct projection for 10 min. in armpit and all around shoulder joint and upper arm, 10 min in same places on 77Hz, 10 min. in same places on 10Hz. After that treatment she could raise her arm right up to her head. She came back 2 times a week for half an hour. Did the same treatment. After 4 treatments her arm was completely better. She was very impressed. Before she came to me she couldn't sleep much at all from the pain, now she sleeps right through and feels so much better.

Gura Degenaar - Mindarie, Perth, WA

Male 50 years old. Tennis elbow in right arm. he loves to play squash 2 times a week. He has so much pain in his elbow that he can't play anymore. Placed PCM device around elbow and lower and upper arm for 10 min. on direct projection, then 10 min. on 77Hz all around elbow and upper and lower arm, 10 min. on 10Hz all around elbow etc. It felt much better. He came back 2 times a week for half an hour each time. After 5 treatments the pain had nearly all gone. Just one more niggly spot to heal.

Gura Degenaar - Mindarie, Perth, WA