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Modified specifications of the DENAS apparatus, namely the DENAS-T and DiaDENS-PCM apparatuses allow for improvement of the efficiency of the result and elongation of the after-effect of treatment. The apparatus can be applied to both zones and points of acupressure with the help of a portable coaxial electrode.

Intended purpose of use: to treat pain associated with surgery, trauma, musculoskeletal problems, bursitis or dental problems. It is also used in physical therapy and during labour/delivery. 

The device DENAS-T optimally combines ease of handling with a wide range of frequencies for the performance of pain management measures.

Even though you can achieve great results with the DENAS, the DENAS-T has so much more. DENAS does not have, e.g. the 20 Hz frequency that may alleviate the neurological pain (that has neural origin), DENAS pretty much works on somatic pain, of physical origin. DENAS-T also has an ”air corridor”, that means it can work over the open wounds, burns, cuts, or anywhere where the direct skin contact is impossible or difficult (say working on your back where it’s so easy to break the contact between the 2 electrodes and the skin). The MED (minimal effective dose exposure when the device tests first and then automatically starts required therapy) regime is very important. As for the clinical results, because DENAS-T and DiaDENS-PCM have extra frequencies, they can achieve the result faster sometimes. Precisely, in addition to the 10 Hz (testing frequency), 77 Hz and 140 Hz (general therapy frequencies) in DENAS, DENAS-T and DiaDENS-PCM have 20 Hz (extended analgesic effect for 3-4 hours after the application), 60 Hz (frequency for head treatment) and 200 Hz (immediate analgesic effect).

The high frequencies can quickly soothe sharp pain, but they can lso be used for emergency pain relief in case of traumas before the arrival of a doctor. That is especially important for people leading an active way of life. The combination of high and low frequencies produces good results. Moreover, the DENAS-T equipment includes the prophylactic MED program and the „screening-mode“. The MED program is characterized by a unique mode of action, which takes into account the patient’s individual state, so that the duration of treatment can be precisely dosed. The screening mode helps you to determine on which part of the body DENS-therapy is to be applied.

All the principles, algorithms and methods used with ECI(SCENAR)-032-1 PROTON and DENAS apparatuses, without almost any exception, suit both the DENAS-T and DiaDENS-PCM apparatuses. 
The DENAS-T apparatus used with a point probe electrode applies direct connection of the remote electrode with a smaller contact surface which enables to use it more efficiently for electric acupuncture including auricular biologically active points. 
The DENAS-T and DiaDENS-PCM apparatuses provide for a broader range of therapeutic frequencies for pain relief (corresponds to the former notion "constant mode") and a new microcomputer automatic therapeutic program of minimal efficient dose of the apparatus exposure (MED). 
Unlike DENAS, the new apparatuses possess a more expanded range of digital power control which, together with the MED mode, enables to work with patients with a different threshold of pain sensitivity. 

The DENAS-T apparatus generates electric bipolar impulses of a complex neurolike form with a fading vibrating character and provides for an opportunity to set the following frequencies of impulse recurrence: 10, 20, 60, 77, 140, 200 Hz.

Modulated Frequencies: "77 10" (combination of 77 and 10 Hz), "77 AM" (amplitude modulation of 77 Hz)

"77 10" - It produces an obvious relaxing effect that is helpful in muscle relaxation and pain management, and also in cases of insomnia anxiety.

"77 AM" - Provides an "energy boost". This regime produces effects opposite to those of the regime "77 10".

For users' convenience and in conformity with standard conditions of electroreflex therapy the above frequencies are symbolically divided into the following functional frequency ranges:

A - low frequency range: 10 and 20 Hz. The effect of low frequency stimulation like classic acupuncture is achieved through the opioidergic system of the organism In the low frequency range pain relief develops slowly 20-60 minutes after, is stable and continues during the next 3-5 hours. It is applied in the area of the complaint frontal projection (CFP) or the organ "producing the complaint". 

B - high frequency range: 60, 77, 140 Hz. The high frequency stimulation is not connected with the increased level of opioids, its analgesic effect having a local and segmental character. In the high frequency range the analgesic effect comes quickly, in 5-10 minutes, but it is relatively unstable and completely regresses 30-60 minutes after completion of stimulation. It is used both for treatment of the CFP area and any segmental zones. 

C - The superhigh frequency of 200 Hz results in a swift local analgesia which takes place primarily during the apparatus exposure due to the fact that the nerve tissues in the area of impact develop the phenomena of parabiosis, and the afferent transfer of the pain impulse is blocked. It is applied in the area of the pain frontal projection. The low-frequency range is optimal for suppressing the somatogenic pain, i.e. the pain which appears upon irritation of the peripheral nociceptors (with traumas, postoperative pains, tooth extraction, etc.). 
The neurogenic pain is totally different from the somatogenic pain by its pathogenetic mechanisms. Thus, after injury of nerve tissues the ectopic activity appears both in the place of injury and in the neurons of dorsal ganglia. A high frequency of stimulation (60, 77, 140, 200Hz) is required to suppress this activity and to create an electric "block" along the peripheral nerve.

  • Power source: battery 9 V
  • Weight: 0.5 kg
  • Measure: 210 х 55 х 45 mm
  • Modes: 10-200 Hz, MED, 77 10, 77 AM.


  • presence of implanted pacemaker
  • electric current intolerance
  • first trimester of pregnancy
  • in case of chronic or acute dieases consult your doctor

This product is warranted for the period of 24 months from the original date of purchase.

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