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External therapeutic electrode DENAS-REFLXO is intended for effective impact on reflexology zones on the surface of the feet.The electrode is intended for multiple application in hospital outpatient and home conditions.The electrode is to be connected to DENAS or DiaDENS dynamic electrostimulators.

It is recommended to apply the external therapeutic electrode for impact on reflexogenic zones of the soles. Application of the electrodes allows:

  • to conduct treatment of organs and other body parts easily by stimulating relexology zones;
  • to provide comfortable, convenient and continuous treatment procedures in the comfort of your home.

No special conditions are required for conducting procedures with the use of the external electrode.The room for the procedures should be dry and warm. During the session the patient sits in a position comfortable for him which ensures tight contact of the electrode with the skin.

DENAS-REFLXO may be effective for treating

  • pain and tiredness of the legs
  • swelling of the legs
  • pain and discomfort feeling in muscles of lower extremities
  • joint pain
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