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DENAS-PCM 6 (6th generation) is a device for the whole family. The device is very easy to use, so that it can be operated by a non-specialist. DENAS-PСM 6 has a mobile phone-like menu which allows access to several inbuilt treatment algorithms for pain management. You don't have to study the operating instructions in detail to determine the right frequencies. There is also manual adjustment for advanced users.

Intended purpose of use: to treat pain associated with surgery, trauma, musculoskeletal problems, bursitis or dental problems. It is also used in physical therapy and during labour/delivery.

In Denas-PCM-6 all the programs, frequencies and modes found in the previous devices have been preserved, and two new frequencies have been added – these are the frequency of 125 Hz and the modulated mode “77 20”. The frequency of 125 Hz has a mild analgesic effect. Due to this frequency the mechanism of pain relief through the blockade of nerve impulses is increased. “77 20” gives the pronounced vascular (regulates the vascular tone), antiedematous and lymphatic drainage effects.

The next advantage of Denas-PCM-6 which can be noticed at first sight, is its appearance and user features, maximally adapted for a beginner. Special hollows for fingers on the back panel, comfortable location of the buttons, the streamline, subelongated form of the body – Denas-PCM-6 is good for holding in the hand and it is very comfortable to work with it even during long sessions.

The display has also been changed: for the first time a fundamentally new liquid crystal display with polycarbonate glass - durable and completely transparent - was installed in Denas-PCM-6.

The most important innovation which is highly estimated by both a beginner and an experienced user is that Denas-PCM-6 is equipped with an electronic instruction for using programs (which has been offered in the paper variant so far). A color picture with the zone on which the device should be put appears on the display when the patient chooses a needed program in the menu of “Express Therapy”. After the procedure is finished on the selected zone (at the session there is a countdown timer), the sound signal is given, and then a picture of the next zone appears.

Denas-PCM-6 has not only external differences – the device is equipped with the expensive and high-precision electronic components, in particular new highly-integrated chips. These invisible to the naked eye changes are found, first of all, in the main qualities of the product – its durability and service life.

Denas-PCM-6 has multi languages. A user is able to set one of the five languages available: Russian, English, German, French and Italian, and then all the inscriptions and the names of the programs will be provided only in that language.


DENAS-PCM 6 has wide range of therapeutic frequencies:

  • Basic Frequencies: 10, 20, 60, 77, 125, 140, 200 Hz
  • Modulated Frequencies: "77 10" (combination of 77 and 10 Hz),"77 20" (combination of 77 and 20 Hz), "77 AM" (amplitude modulation of 77 Hz)
  • Ultra Low Frequencies: from 1.0 to 9.9 Hz with step 0.1 Hz
  • 77 10 - It produces obvious relaxing effect that is helpful in pain management.
  • 77 AM - This regime produces effects opposite to those of the regime "77 10".


  • presence of implanted pacemaker
  • electric current intolerance
  • first trimester of pregnancy
  • in case of chronic or acute dieases consult your doctor;

This product is warranted for the period of 24 months from the original date of purchase.

Most health Funds give a rebate on Denas /DiaDens dynamic biofeedback TENS Therapeutic Devices. Consult your Health Fund for details.

  • Price:$980.00


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